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Plan for your success

As part of our executive leadership offerings, we provide strategic planning for your practice. This includes evaluating your organization's current mission and goals, identifying what each member of the organization feels are critical to the practice's success and performing a complete analysis or your group's Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). Based on this information, in conjunction with the practice's leadership, we'll help set goals for the organization. Additionally, a set of tactical objectives will be developed to focus the organization's operational activity towards the attainment of the organization's goals.  review and evaluate practice procedures

Practice Assesment and Results Presentation

We'll meet to review the results of your practice assessment for gaps, present recommendations and action plans to get you on track to higher productivity and revenue generation. 

Adopt and Implement Plan

Once we have a final agreement on a practice optimization plan, we will start implementing the policy and procedural changes.  This process does take time to come to fruition.  Your support is key ensuring there is a sound basis for your continued success and growth and a long-term partnership.

Measure and Evaluate

Benchmarking is the most valuable method for identifying operational performance improvement areas and providing for implementation of best practices. We will perform a current state analysis of your practice, taking key measures of performance, compare these measures to industry benchmarks, and make recommendations on how to build a bridge between current state and benchmark data, with reasonable targets for success. This will provide a road map for your practice to start performing at the highest achievable levels with these performance metrics:  key business metrics , Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) , dashboards for Best in Class performance .
Areas that may be measured, evaluated for positive trends where adjustments may be needed are:  
  1. Added practice value creating a synergistic business team
  2. Practice Growth 
  3. Organization Structure 
  4. Practice/Patient Workflows
  5. Purchasing Power
  6. Contract Review / Negotiations
  7. Marketing
  8. Inventory Control
  9. Financial Improvement
  10. Cash Flow
  11. Practice Management and EHR Systems
  12. Optical
  13. Human Resources/Handbooks/Recruitment/Job Descriptions etc
  14. Retirement / Exit Strategies 


  1. Profit and Loss
    Introduction of a Profit and Loss aka Income Statement. Breaking down the components of the statement and review of each: Gross Revenue, COG’s, Gross Profit, Expenses, and Net Revenue.
  2. KPI's
    Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPI, helps a practice define and measure progress toward practice goals. Once an practice has analyzed its mission and defined its goals, it needs a WAY TO MEASURE PROGRESS toward those goals. Key Performance Indicators are those measurements. KPI’s are both qualifiable and quantifiable!
  3. Leadership
    Everyone talks about it; few understand it. Most people want it; few achieve it. Ask ten people to define leadership and you’ll probably receive ten different answers. Leadership has to do with motivating people. People don’t want to be managed. They want to be lead.
  4. Change Management Team Building
    As creatures of habit, we prefer the security of familiar surroundings and often don’t react well to changes in our environment, even when the changes are positive. Change management is the structurer process to influence and win people to a new state from a current state.
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